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When I found a weird lump behind one of my legs, I realized that I needed to get it checked out as soon as possible. Instead of waiting around forever to get it looked at, I made an appointment with my primary care physician right away. After a thoughtful inspection, he told me that I needed to have the mass biopsied. I was really nervous, but my doctor helped me to feel more calm. My blog is all about health care, including what your doctor can do for you. I know, that with this information, you can understand how to find the best care you have available to you.

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Four Immunization Tips For New Parents

As a parent, ensuring that your child is healthy and happy is one of your number one priorities. One way to ensure that your child stays happy and healthy is to be sure that he or she is receiving regular immunizations. Here are four tips to help you as a new parent stay on top of your child's immunization record:

  1. Talk About Symptoms with a Pediatrician: Before your baby receives any immunizations, ask your pediatrician what symptoms you can expect. Small side effects such as fever and swelling are common. Your pediatrician will let you know what side effects deserve a visit to the doctor and what you can do to handle the others on your own at home. Being aware of the symptoms will allow you to stay calmer whenever they appear after your baby has received his or her first set of immunization shots. 
  2. ​Ask About the Immunization Registry: Many medical offices have an immunization registry, which is really helpful for parents. If you were to ever lose the immunization record that you have on paper that gives a detailed account of the immunizations that your child has received, you will be able to retrieve the information from the registry. 
  3. Ask About Immunization Reminders: As a first time parent, remembering all the little things that you need to do on top of simply taking care of this new family you have created can be difficult. Ask your pediatrician if the office has an immunization reminder that gets sent through an e-mail. This will help you keep track of when you need to make appointments and it will also let you know if you have missed any that you need to make an appointment for right away. 
  4. ​Bring an Immunization Card to Every Doctor Appointment: Even if you are visiting the doctor for something that doesn't require any new set of immunization shots for your child, you should still bring along the immunization card. This will guarantee that your doctor knows what your child has already received and will let them know if any further appointments need to be made to receive ones that your child is behind on or needs soon in the future. You also need to be sure that your doctor is signing and dating the card every time an immunization is administered. 

Being aware of some of these immunization tips will allow you, as a new parent, to keep better track of your child's health. Talk with an immunization service, such as Rocky Mountain Family Physicians, for more information.